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Want an invite to E3?

How interesting is a picture of a lanyard? Or a V.I.P cardboard party pass. Probably to most, not very. However, we at GamesRadar have decided to disregard this apparent fact and offer you anyway a selection of the very best in lanyardery, tickets and passes from in and around this year's E3.

Enjoy the artistry. Savor the design craft. Revel in the abysmal photography. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you have been granted an access-all-areas pass to a feature about invites to parties and events you were never invited to. Bottoms-up!

The E3 invite

A paper and cardboard booklet sent out to journos based on a list of people apparently viewed as desirable attendees by someone on high. It's a bit confusing and kind of suggests that E3 this year doesn't really have a focal point - which is kind of true to be fair. Recipients had to type in a code on the booklet into the E3 site and print out the resulting codey thing, then take it down to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica to get a proper pass.

Difficult to get? Dunno. Probably helps to be working for a videogames website. Ours just turned up in the post. Result!

Desirability: 9/10