Major WandaVision leaks are now out in the wild and show serious spoilers

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By now, you’ve probably caught up on WandaVision and are wondering what’s coming next. Marvel Studios, though, usually runs a closed shop. Spoilers are kept to a premium and leaks of any real substance are rare. But that might have just changed. A WandaVision leak has been circulating around social media and shows off some major moments that you might not want spoiled.

So, as a final warning: if you want to go in completely blind after the events of WandaVision episode 4 – which already gave us a substantial peek behind the curtain – then it’s time to make like Wanda and hit back before you start getting a little too curious. For the rest of you, welcome – and keep it to yourself.

Possible major spoilers for WandaVision follow. You have been warned.

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You ready? One spoiler-y clip has revealed the return of Quicksilver’s actor. But not the MCU’s Quicksilver. Instead, it's the Quicksilver from the X-Men series. In a fun twist that could possibly hint at a multiverse where the X-Men exist – or just a nod to Fox’s franchise – Evan Peters shows up for one scene and matter-of-factly points out to Wanda that it’s not like her husband could "die twice."

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As you can imagine, Wanda doesn’t take kindly to that, sending him hurting through several walls in much the same way she did to Monica Rambeau.

Also in the scene is one of Wanda and Vision’s kids, Billy, suggesting that the skip forward in time towards the ‘80s will also accelerate the aging of the 'children'. Vision, meanwhile, is face-to-face with Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis at the perimeter of Westview and attempting to escape. It all ends with Wanda’s eyes glowing red before a large explosion. Even Marvel spoilers leave you wanting more, it seems.

Of course, we have to take all of this with a pinch of salt. It may look real, but the source, obviously, can’t be verified and lacks context. If it’s true, though, it has us even more excited for next week. Find out the exact time that episode drops with our WandaVision release schedule.

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