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WandaVision has a secret on-screen tribute to its Marvel crew members

WandaVision Easter Egg Marvel
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

WandaVision has trained us to pore over secret, spoiler, and detail to an incredible degree. Everything from the opening credits to throwaway lines are hiding something worth talking about. That's true again in WandaVision episode 6 – with a fantastic tribute to some of Marvel's most unheralded names tasked with bringing your favorite shows and movies to life.

Spoilers for WandaVision episode 6 follow. You have been warned.

At the 25-minute mark of this week's episode, Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) attempts to hack into classified SWORD files – uncovering a top-secret 'Cataract' weapons program in the process. To do so, she uses Jimmy Woo's account details.

If you look closely, each of the autocorrect options for when she types in the letter 'J' brings up a name. There are three in total: James Gadd, James Alexander, James X Seckler.

WandaVision Easter Egg tribute

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Now, if you're anything like us – you went immediately to Google or started flipping through comics to try and match the names to some superpowered faces. Unfortunately, you're out of luck. Two of the trio are members of Marvel's production team, while the identity of the other remains unknown.

James (or Jimmy) Gadd works in post-production for Marvel Studios; James Alexander is also there as a VFX producer. Curiously, there's no info out there on James X Seckler. Expect him to also fall under Marvel's in-house team… unless it's a secret hint about the X-Men. Be right back, just clutching at straws.

The mini moment is a lovely little nod to those who work tremendously hard to bring Marvel magic to life on the big and small screens. And now they're immortalized forever alongside Jimmy Woo. What's not to like?

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