Visceral Star Wars game in 'earliest concepting phase'

Visceral is starting work on its Star Wars game, according to a job listing dug up by Superannuation. The position calls for "an experienced Senior Game Designer to help lead the design and guide a pre-vis team currently in concept phase on a Next-Gen Star Wars title. "

The designer will join a new team within the studio which is at the "earliest concepting phase of game development." EA previously made it clear that none of the games arising from its exclusive deal with Disney will release this year.

The posting reveals little else about the game (it sounds like there isn't much to discuss yet), but it does ask for an "excellent grasp of level design: scripting, laying out combat spaces, combining core mechanics into fun sequences."

So Visceral's Star Wars game will for sure feature levels. And fighting. So much for Sabacc Night at the Inventory...

EA has said it wants to ride some of the new Star Wars films' momentum by releasing around the same time (via GameSpot), so expect to see Visceral's efforts surface sometime in 2015.

Connor Sheridan

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