Viggo Mortensen is Good

Viggo Mortensen channelled his dark side rather well for David Cronenberg’s A History Of Violence and he’ll tap into it again for a starring role in Vicente Amorin’s adaptation of CP Taylor’s award-bagging play Good.

With Brits Mark Strong (Tristan & Isolde) and TF favourite Jason Isaacs also grabbing roles in the film, Good will take a long, hard stare at a German professor in 1930s Frankfurt who joins the Nazi party. Believing he’s doing the right thing, the misguided academic ends up selling out his own family and a Jewish friend, even as he junks the morals he used to teach.

With a script by John Wrathall, the film will start shooting in Berlin next year. But first, Viggo will explore a different type of bad behaviour when he plays a Russian mob boss in Cronenberg’s London-set thriller Eastern Promises.