VIDEO: Cosplaying Kitana pole dances, scores a flawless victory

"The pole likes to bite, but any pole performer will tell you that we wear our bruises with pride..."

GR: Do you still get nervous before you step up on stage before the judges? If so, what are some tips for keeping your cool?

Jordan: Yes, absolutely I get very nervous. I think that is all part of the fun though. I have stage fright, but get a great sense of accomplishment each time I can go out on stage. Before I go on stage I like to do a few jumping jacks, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and smile.

"The first game I fell in love with was Prince of Persia on our 286. I've completed every Prince of Persia game since then!"

GR: We understand you like videogames. We like videogames, too! What was your first system? What’s your favorite game?

Jordan: Ok, I am going to date myself here… but my first system was the Atari 2600. I don’t remember the names of the games we had, although I do remember playing a cops and robbers type game.

The first game I fell in love with was Prince of Persia on our 286. I’ve completed every Prince of Persia game since then! I am going opening night to see the movie.

My all time favorite game thus far is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I am a huge Zelda fan. If you can’t tell by the two games I have mentioned, I love playing 3rd person action adventure games.

I am also a big RTS player and have been known to rock out on a guitar in my free time. Something I am not all that proud of was an unhealthy WoW addiction I had for about 2 years. I had to quit cold turkey and haven’t looked back. I am sure my Level 60 Troll Hunter (For the Horde!) is feeling very scared and alone right now.