Upcoming Switch games for 2018 (and beyond)

Yoku's Island Express

Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Pinball metroidvania (?????)

Why is it so interesting? I love pinball, and I love games that take the concepts of pinball and fit them into other genres, like Sonic Spinball's platforming, Odama's military strategy/yelling sim, or Rollers of the Realm's fantasy RPG framework. Now Yoku's Island Express is taking pinball and turning it into a sprawling, side-scrolling open-world adventure. Explore a wild jungle frontier as a tiny dung beetle rolling a tiny, uh, ball (we'll go with ball), hunt for treasure, and interact with big turtle creatures whose heads are pinball flippers. It's the kind of weird pinball genre mash-up I can get behind.

2064: Read Only Memories Integral

Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Adventure

Why is it so interesting? Read Only Memories is a narrative adventure game heavily inspired by Hideo Kojima's '90s cult-classic Snatcher, putting players in the shoes of a down-on-their-luck reporter who joins forces with a sentient robot named Turing. The two set out to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Turing's creator; what follows is a cyber-noir detective thriller through the futuristic world of Neo-San Francisco. With the Integral edition, the Kojima references come right on the box, and it'll include exclusive Nintendo Switch content as well as a bunch of quality-of-life improvements (including auto-saving!).


Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: RPG

Why is it so interesting? Describing Indivisble's features reads like a wishlist written by a super-fan of '90s-era JRPGs. Developed by the team behind the cult favorite fighting game Skullgirls, Indivisible showcases the studio's trademark hand-drawn animation, along with design that marries the exploration of Metroid and the 2D, combo-based combat of Valkyrie Profile. The soundtrack is even being made by Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta. A free prototype released on PS4 a while back showed immense promise, and the Switch's beautiful screen is sure to make the game pop.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch

Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Strategy RPG

Why is it so interesting? A recent Nintendo Direct revealed the existence of a proper FIre Emblem game hitting Switch in 2018, but that's basically all we know about it at this point. Even so, the series has gone through an (ahem) awakening of sorts since its appearance on the 3DS, and has since become one of Nintendo's most popular series. If we had to guess, this new Fire Emblem game (whatever it's called) will likely feature many of the same things that made Awakening and Fates so good - calculating, turn-based battles, permadeath, and a loveable cast who would want nothing more than to go out on dates with each other.


Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Platformer

Why is it so interesting? Yoshi's Wooly World was as surprising as it was delightful, and Nintendo looks to keep the trend of cutesy side-scrolling platformers going with the Nintendo Switch in the simply (and likely tentatively) titled Yoshi. Players are thrust into a diorama made of cardboard cutouts, and you'll guide Yoshi through them by chucking eggs at foes and shifting the camera perspective to interact with objects in the foreground or background. It's the kind of thing you wish you could hug.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Platformer

Why is it so interesting? You probably already know that Shovel Knight is one of the best Nintendo Switch games, but you might not know that you’re about to get more Shovel Knight on Switch. That comes in the form of Shovel Knight: King of Cards, which is the final adventure in the Treasure Trove saga. You’ll play as King Knight as you fight your way across four never before seen worlds and 30 fresh courses with some new moves to boot, including a high flying spin. It all looks and sounds very regal indeed.


Release date: TBC 2018
Genre: Action/Adventure

Why is it so interesting? We’re loving the art style of this 3D action-adventure title but also its grounding in real-world culture. Like Never Alone, Mulaka is steeped in cultural heritage, but rather than Inuit culture, this one is set in Mexico and is based on the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. You’ll be playing as a shaman called Sukurúame, who draws on the power of the demigods to fight the corrupting evil. 

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