Unofficial PS5 controller covers surface in 10 different colors

PS5 controller covers
(Image credit: Decor Evolve)

At the moment, Sony doesn't offer any different color variants for the PS5 DualSense controller, but gamers looking for a bit of variety aren't completely out of luck... for now. These $10 DualSense covers from Decor Evolve theoretically make it cheap and easy to swap out the stock faceplate for any one of 10 different colors, but it remains to be seen whether Sony will allow the company to continue selling them.

Back in November, we reported that Sony had forced a manufacturer to change its name and stop selling custom PS5 faceplates. According to the manufacturer, Sony argued that its "intellectual property extended to the faceplates," threatening to take the issue up in court.

A month later, a different company called Game Armor started selling unofficial PS5 faceplates, confident that Sony would leave them alone. But now, if you try visiting Game Armor's website, you only get an error page. Not a good sign for Decor Evolve, but perhaps Sony will be more lenient with DualSense covers.

Regardless, if you want to get yourself a DualSense cover, you can still place an order at the time of writing. Decor Evolve offers 10 different colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Light Blue, Steel Gray, Orange, Midnight Blue, Purple, Blue, and Red. We can't attest to the quality, but the company also sells a DualSense display stand, a DualSense charger, and some lovely, but completely unrelated, nicknacks

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