Another unofficial PS5 faceplate company has surfaced

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There's a new PS5 faceplate manufacturer in town, and this one is confident it won't draw the ire of Sony.

Game Armor is a brand-new peripherals company now taking pre-orders for unofficial PS5 faceplates, according to The faceplates come in matte black, red, and blue, and start at $35. They're expected to start shipping out January 2021. The company was launched by CptnAlex, a ontroller creator who has recently caught attention for his custom Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. 

As reported on Twitter, Nintendo sent CptnAlex a cease and desist at the end of September of this year for violating Nintendo's intellectual property rights. The custom Etika Joy-Cons were being sold for charity, and had already raised $10,000. Despite this, CptnAlex is confident Sony won't send a cease and desist order for the PS5 faceplates, similar to the one GamesRadar reported on back in November.

When Game Armor was announced via Twitter, a user asked, "Didn't Sony stop others from doing this?" CptnAlex replied with, "Allegedly, and theirs included the PS logo and were sold under a name too close to PlayStation's." As we previously reported, the company was called PlateStation5, and were forced to rebrand to CustomizeMyPlates and cancel all orders for PS5 faceplates.

CptnAlex also suggests that, "Because our name isn’t deceptively close to a trademarked one, because our product doesn’t include trademarked logos, and because our armor is designed differently enough to not infringe on design patents, we’re able to sell safely." Let's see if that turns out to be the case, as I'm definitely eyeballing that matte black faceplate…

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