Underwater beasts, one-liners galore, and Jason Momoa’s flowing mane… the Aquaman trailer will restore your faith in the DCEU

Lucky attendees at this year’s Cinema Con got a glimpse at a slapdash cut of the Aquaman trailer, and now, the rest of the world has been gifted the finished product. The first full-length Aquaman trailer has finally dropped, folks, and it’s absolutely glorious.

Fans have been longing for a glimpse into the world of Arthur Curry, a young lad who grows up to be the king of Atlantis, and James Wan has dished up a preview that’s left everyone gagging for more. Make no mistake: this is not your standard comic book movie fare.

Wan himself even told the Hall H crowd at San Diego Comic Con 2018, that it’s more of a “science-fiction fantasy film than a traditional superhero movie.” His passion for the film is clear in every single shot. His vision makes this world look like an adventure playground, a vibrant, diverse landscape that I would definitely go snorkelling in.

Best bits include: 

What makes this so exciting is that everyone involved looks like they’re having a blast. Jason Momoa was born to play this role, from Curry’s devil-may-care attitude, his ease at dispensing with wry one-liners, to his willingness to dive head first into the ocean. The playfulness between he and Amber Heard as Mera, the ass-kicking Queen of Atlantis, feels natural, which is a nice counter to the somewhat forced flirtations between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince in Justice League.

Elsewhere, we get to see Nicole Kidman as Aquaman’s mother, and Patrick Wilson in his full aquatic regalia as the villainous King Orm. But what about everyone else in the cast? Well, we’ve seen the full trailer, but those in Hall H were shown an extra tidbit of footage, that reveals a look at those characters:

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Excited much?

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