Umbrella Academy season 2 trailer released by Netflix

An Umbrella Academy (opens in new tab) season 2 trailer has finally arrived, teasing an adventure set back in time and somehow linked to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

To say the synopses sounds strange would be an understatement. In short, to escape Vanya’s 2019 apocalypse, the team were accidentally scattered across a three year period – starting in 1960 – around Dallas, Texas. Some of the team have used their knowledge and powers to build new lives, believing the others to be long gone.

Five ends up being the one to land last, and realises that the end of the world is near – again! Their time-travelling shenanigans have brought the apocalypse with them as they've disrupted the timeline. "Now the Umbrella Academy must find a way to reunite, figure out what caused doomsday, put a stop to it, and return to the present timeline to stop that other apocalypse," the official description reads. "All while being hunted by a trio of ruthless Swedish assassins." Sounds like one crazy adventure is waiting for fans come July 31, when the series finally reaches Netflix. 

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way created the series, which is based on his own comic book. The Umbrella Acadamy season 2 trailer also features a new song by Way, titled "Here Comes The End".

On writing the song, the former My Chemical Romance member said: “I was originally inspired to write this track when series one of The Umbrella Academy was being shot; by the time I finished it 2020 was in full swing, the world had taken a profound turn and the song was finished in a surreal new reality.”

Netflix released the first series in February last year. In the meantime, for more Netflix content, check out our pieces on:

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