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Xbox Series X price, bundles, and deals - how to save cash on your new setup

Xbox Series X
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The Xbox Series X price is likely to stay firm for a while, if stocking issues are anything to go by. However, there are ways to save on your new console, through Xbox Series X bundles on accessories, games, and services. Getting hold of the next-generation console has been notoriously difficult over the last year due to high demand and production issues, so any Xbox Series X deals that appear are snapped up fast. 

That's why we're busy tracking Xbox Series X stock every day to get a read on where the console could appear next - our team of bargain-hunters is always on the prowl for stock. While the Xbox Series X price is going to stick at $499 / £449 for the forseeable future, though, we're showing you all the discounts you can use to save on your whole setup right here.

We also don't expect to see any Xbox Series X bundle deals on the console itself in the near-future. Just like PS5 stock troubles, it's likely that Microsoft's delays are going to continue throughout 2022. 

However, there are ways to save on your overall Xbox Series X experience - be it through deals on Xbox Series X accessories, Xbox Game Pass sales, or Xbox controller bundles. You'll find all our top tips for making the most of these offers just below, as well as all the retailers you should be checking for stock. 

What is the Xbox Series X price?

The official Xbox Series X price is $499 in the US and £449 in the UK. If you see a price higher than that without any extras, you are being overcharged and should avoid. Typically the inflated prices aren't subtle either, we're talking hundreds rather than tens extra. 

Some stores may take advantage in other ways by limited sellable stock to bundles, with extra games or headset. We've seen some with really naff hats and T-shirts too. Some stores might bump up the prices of these items, but one thing's for sure, you won't be saving a penny on the bundled items at this time.

Where to find Xbox Series X bundles and deals

Xbox Series X retailers - USA

Amazon - could drop at any time

Amazon - could drop at any time
When it comes to Amazon, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to stock drops - Xbox Series X bundles appear at unexpected times. We've seen them on weekdays from around 7pm EDT in the past, but that's about as accurate as we can be.

Walmart - typically Thursdays, from 2:30pm EDT

Walmart - typically Thursdays, from 2:30pm EDT
Walmart is a consistent one for Xbox Series X deals; it tends to drop stock on Thursdays, from 2:30pm - 3pm EDT (albeit not every week). That means you should sign in early and be ready to go ahead of time to avoid any holdups.

Microsoft - Thursdays

Microsoft - Thursdays
If in doubt, go straight to the source. Although, despite a decent start to the year, supply from Microsoft has been up and down of late, with the site often just kind of shrugging and suggesting the retailers we've already mentioned above but with no real updates when stock comes in.

Best Buy - Usually goes on a Thursday or Friday afternoon

Best Buy - Usually goes on a Thursday or Friday afternoon
As one of the biggest retailers in the country, Best Buy is a good bet when it comes to Xbox Series X. It tends to get consoles on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons (from around 2pm EDT), making it a real contender if you want to pick up the machine for yourself.

GameStop - could be any time

GameStop - could be any time
Xbox Series X bundles are more of a thing at GameStop as the store is keen to maximize its profit margins by only selling selling most of its stock with a bunch of other items. Discounts are exceptionally rare though, so you might have to stump up for a deal with extra games and accessories. These ones do sell out slower though.

Xbox Series X retailers - UK

Amazon - often goes live midweek around 9am

Amazon - often goes live midweek around 9am
Amazon is always a solid bet when it comes to Xbox Series X deals, but it can be tough to predict. That isn't to say it's a hopeless cause, though. Amazon stock almost always drops around 9am on Wednesday or Thursday, so it's a good idea to check first thing in the morning.

Microsoft - could drop at any time

Microsoft - could drop at any time
If you assumed that Microsoft would be a good place to look for Xbox Series X deals, you'd be right. Annoyingly, it's just as unpredictable as Amazon. We'd recommend visiting the site every now and then to see if you get lucky.

Xbox Series X deals on accessories

Xbox Series X accessory buttons

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The Xbox Series X price might make you wince, but the console's got one major advantage you may not have considered - backward compatibility for accessories and games.

After paying for a console, you'd normally have to factor in costs for games along with new controllers, subscriptions, and whatever extras the publishers are pushing. But with any Xbox Series X bundles, all of your existing Xbox One peripherals and services are forwards compatible. That means your achievements, progression, controllers, memberships, and Xbox One headsets move forward to Series X. Many of the top audio-brands have contributed to our guide to the best Xbox Series X headsets as a result.

The console also lets you play older Xbox One games via both the optical disc drive and digital download, not to mention Game Pass. That allows you to save a couple of hundred dollars right off the bat - you don't need to buy specific 'next-gen' versions of a game, as they're usually the same.

We've gathered the best Xbox Series X deals on games and accessories below. Check them out if you want a discount!

How to save on the Xbox Series X price

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles

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The Xbox Series X price is still a hefty chunk of cash to spend. But you don't necessarily have to pay it off in one go. Enter Microsoft's fancy Xbox All Access system. This is a payment plan, and it allows you to get an Xbox Series X for a monthly fee spread over two years. It'll set you back $34.99 per month in the US, £28.99p/m in the UK, and $46p/m in Australia. 

Interestingly, Xbox All Access doesn't just get you the console. It also offers 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate as well. Because Game Pass is a bit like Netflix for gaming (with well over 100 games and counting), that's a solid deal. Particularly due to the fact that new Xbox exclusive games like Halo will appear on Game Pass for free on the day of release. 

Thanks to this, Xbox All Access might be one of the more sensible options when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X. Indeed, it saves you money in the long run. Sure, you're only getting a small amount knocked off the overall price, but it's still cheaper than buying the console and two years of Game Pass separately.

However, be advised that you won't find Xbox All Access in many stores besides Microsoft. GameStop and Walmart fill that role in the US, and Game or Smyths have the honor in the UK.

What comes in Xbox Series X bundles?

Xbox Series X bundles have been appearing on the shelves in recent months, but rather than offering any discounts on the games or accessories that come shipped with the console these bundles are designed to stay on the shelves a little longer. Scalpers have no interest in paying for extra gear with their console, so we often see Xbox Series X bundles offering up games and accessories at full price so that everyday buyers have more of a chance of actually getting to checkout in time. 

If you're keen on getting some extra equipment from day one, these bundles can be cost-effective. We would recommend making sure you know the rough value of commonly bundled items to ensure you're not paying over their MSRPs, however. You'll find all the games and devices we've seen included in Xbox Series X bundles recently just below: 


Game Pass Ultimate 3 month subscription (worth $44.99)
Far Cry 6 (worth $59.99)
NBA 2K22 (worth $59.99)
Call of Duty Vanguard (worth $59.99) 


Xbox Wireless Controller (worth $59.99)
Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Controller (worth $159)

If you want to check out what you'll be playing next-gen, head on over to our guide to upcoming Xbox Series X games. If you're after more savings, we're also rounding up all the latest Xbox Live Gold deals as well.

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