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Witcher 3 side quests: Every side mission and how to complete it

(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

In an RPG as expansive as this, there's always going to be some serious Witcher 3 side quests. The world is packed full of content and things to do, and in the case of The Witcher 3, there's absolutely tonnes of side quests and mini stories to explore and complete. Some of them can get quite tricky however, so we've got a complete Witcher 3 side quests guide and walkthrough to help you through whichever part you're stuck on. Read on for the ultimate Witcher 3 side quests guide, separated by region.

If it's contracts you're after, we've also got a complete Witcher 3 contracts guide too!

Note: Many of these quests are located via Undiscovered Locations. To populate your map with these, check the Notice Boards in various towns.

Table of Contents:

White Orchard
Hearts of Stone DLC
Blood and Wine DLC