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What would the original 151 Pokemon taste like?

Diglett (#50)

A handful of dirt and rocks.

Dugtrio (#51)

Three handfuls of dirt and rocks.

Meowth (#52)

Obviously it'd taste like a cat, but we have to assume it would taste metallic, too. One of its moves involves throwing coins at people, and we don't see any pockets.

Persian (#53)

Same as Meowth, but replace the coin taste with snootiness.

Psyduck (#54)

Peking Duck stuffed with Galerina mushrooms.

Golduck (#55)

Peking Duck stuffed with Inocybe mushrooms and floating in a cauldron of water. It would be watery. Golduck is watery.

Mankey (#56)

Don't be quick to assume that Mankey would taste like a monkey. Sure, it would have some of that, but look at that nose - that's straight pig nose. We're guessing half monkey, half pig - all delicious.

Primeape (#57)

One-third monkey, one-third pig, one-third attitude. Just look at those bracers. He's out of control.

Growlithe (#58)

So, Growlithe is actually listed as a "Puppy Pokemon," so it's hard to even think about. But if we were in whatever part of the Pokemon universe that does eat Growlithe (there has to be one part, right?), and happend to get a plate of grilled Growlithe, we think it would taste beefy, with a light spice.

Arcanine (#59)

We assume there's slightly less of a taboo with eating Arcanine, but that it would taste the same as Growlithe.