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Veronica Mars movie still a possibility

With Kristen Bell making a go of it on the big screen, talk of a movie version of her popular, cancelled teen sleuth TV series Veronica Mars has fallen to little more than desperate whispers.

But series creator and exec producer Rob Thomas has confirmed that the Veronica Mars movie isn’t quite as dead as recent reports would suggest.

Said Thomas to EW :

“There is a bit of a ticking clock [ because ] Kristen Bell does continue to age. And doing ‘teen detective’ [ is a ] dicey proposition.

“But frankly, I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me.”

Thomas shepherded his movie script to Warner Bros and producer Joel Silver, but they turned him down, believing interest in the film was too minimal to give it the go ahead.

Not that Thomas is going to give in that easily. His show was cancelled after just three seasons (mostly thanks to its poor third year), but Thomas had plans for Veronica to graduate into a fully-fledged FBI agent in a proposed fourth season.

Which is an idea that could quite easily carry over to a movie.

No doubt Thomas is waiting for Bell’s profile to hit its zenith (i.e. when she has a massive movie hit), when studios will be begging to have her head up anything for them. Let’s just hope the wait isn’t too much longer.

Fancy a Veronica Mars movie? Or should we all just move on?