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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

10. The Twelve Towers

15 Treasures, 4 Journal Entries, 2 Journal Notes, 2 Optional Conversations

Note: If you want to unlock the Not a Cairn in the World trophy during this chapter then check out our Uncharted 4 Rock Cairn location guide.

Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box

From the start of the chapter, stick to the left hand side of the route until you spot some ruins, then exit the vehicle and climb up the structure to find this treasure by a pulley.

Journal Note

Continue keeping to the left as you drive onwards, and head to the waterfall to discover a hidden cave behind it. Pull down the crate with your rope then climb up to the platform to collect the note.

Eroded Flintlock Pistol

On the same platform, check on top of a barrel at the far end.

Journal Entry

After negotiating your jeep up to the tower, climb inside and inspect the markings on the floor.

Mughal Ivory Powder Flask

Now climb up to the platform above and look on the crates.

Parchment Scroll

Once you've used the winch to get the jeep to the next area and seen the volcano, follow the muddy track left to some ruins and check the crate behind the wall.

Ancient Fertility Idol

Continue along the mud track until you spot an opening on the right hand side, then climb through and check the crate to your left.

Journal Entry

After dealing with the group of enemies around the tower, push the plunger to blow up the door then examine the markings on the floor inside.

Pocket Celestial Map

Once you've 'fixed' the bridge to reach the next area, follow the left hand track then climb on top of this ruined structure.

English Ale Bottle

When you spot the Shoreline trucks ahead, bear left to the abandoned building then drive the jeep underneath one of the ledges so you can climb up. Next, shoot the barrels to blow a hole in the roof, then drop inside and find the treasure on a desk.

Pewter Letter Cylinder

Drive onwards until you reach a well, then park the jeep up next to it. Grab the winch cable and carry it down into the well with you, then wrap it around the pillar on the far side. Once Sully pulls it over, use it to jump to the previously unreachable ledges then climb up to reach the treasure.

Journal Note

In the same area, look behind a pillar on the far side next to a skeleton.

Mughal Box

When you see the smoke from Shoreline activities, hang a left and follow the zig zag path marked with pillars uphill to reach a wrecked building then check the crate inside.

English Musket Bandolier

Now head back down and stick to the right of the area. After driving through the tunnel (or approaching from the side) and dealing with the group of Shoreline goons, shoot the explosives in the middle of the area then drop to the room below and look in the corner.

Antique Tea Tin

Next, head up the hill to the left between two pillars and deal with another set of enemies. Push the plunger to blow up the doorway then head inside to find this treasure in the rubble at the end of the hallway.

Journal Entry

When you reach the beacon tower, look up at it to collect this entry.

Optional Conversation

Climb onto the base of the beacon tower, then speak to Sam.

Optional Conversation

Now talk to Sully on the other side of the tower.

Scottish Two Pence Coin

Climb up the beacon tower and grab this treasure from the top.

Journal Entry

After arriving at the next tower and drawbridge, climb onto the base of the tower to the right and examine the markings on the floor.

Scottish Snuff Mull

When you arrive at the big white tower, go up the stairs then turn left and check the crates in the far corner.

Brass and Ivory Tankard

After blowing up the bricked over doorway and opening the gate up the stairs, head left and check behind the crates to the side.

Muff Pistol

In the same area, shoot the crates in the corner to break them and find the treasure inside.

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