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Uncharted 4 collectibles guide

18. New Devon

8 Treasures, 2 Journal Entries, 6 Journal Notes, 5 Optional Conversations

Optional Conversation

At the start of the chapter, follow the left side of the area until you reach a sign on the ground then speak to Elena.

Mughal Stout Vase

Just beyond the sign, also to the left of the area, you'll spot this treasure on the ground.

Optional Conversation

Now walk around to the grand entrance door and talk to Elena.

Small Mughal Dagger

After climbing the pillar and jumping onto the gibbets, move along them away from the wall then climb down the furthest one to grab this treasure from the cage.

Mughal Candle Holder

Once you've scaled the wall and jumped down via the statue's spear, swim left the follow the wall up the hill to find this treasure tucked in an alcove.

Journal Note

Now enter the ruined building next to you and work your way upstairs to the bedroom to collect this journal note.

Journal Note

After passing through the cave to reach the next area after the fight, look on the table under the hanged lady.

Optional Conversation

Now speak to Elena.

Mughal Circular Box

Swim across the water to the other side then check on the ground next to the waterfall.

Optional Conversation

After sliding through the house, stay swimming with Elena and an optional conversation will appear.

Mughal Headdress

As you swim towards the building behind the statues, stick to the left side and dive underwater to grab this treasure.

Journal Entry

Once you're inside the house, go through the bedroom to the next room then past the pillars on the right and inspect the large vase.

Spanish Brass Chalice

Now turn around and go to the end of the room and look behind the sofa.

Journal Note

Continue into the next room and collect the note from the desk.

Journal Note

After the cutscene at the dining table, grab the note sat on the corner.

Journal Entry

Now go to the middle of the table to collect this entry.

At this point you should unlock the Lost Art of Journaling trophy.

Journal Note

In the next room, look in the fireplace for this note.

Mughal Painted Elephant

After climbing up to Avery's mansion, go past the entrance and the cannons to find this treasure around the corner on a pillar.

Optional Conversation

Once inside and in the ornate room with musical instruments, speak to Elena.

Journal Note

After the big Shoreline fight in the mansion, break through to the next corridor then take the note from Elena after she's read it.

Mughal Dinnerware

In the next room, head right and up the spiral staircase then grab this treasure from the bureau on the balcony.

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