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Tweet suggests Duke Nukem Forever is finally coming out, and for some reason, we're skeptical

DNF was first announced in 1996 as a proposed sequel to Duke Nukem 3D. There have been promotional hints all the way up into the late 2000s. There was even a legal battle as to who owned the rights to the never-released game's name, which dragged on into 2010.

Recently,most of 3D Realms' staffwas laid off.The project was never officially canned, but there's no good reason to assume it will ever be finished.

In fact, back in2006, series co-creator George Broussard told1UP.comthat Duke Nukem Forever would come out "when pigs fly."Then last night, out of nowhere, Broussard posted a link tothis imageon hisTwitter account:

Above: So apparently pigs can fly?

DNF has become a game industry urban legend and the source of a lot ofeasy jokes. Having first been announced 14 years ago, if it were to be released nowit would have the most storied build-up of any game ever. That's a lot to live up to. Then again, just look atthis nearly-four-minute-long E3 2008 trailerfor Duke Nukem Trilogy. It's seriously three minutes and 44 seconds you'll never forget.

So, take from Broussard's Tweet what you will. Perhaps pigs can fly now, but I think we might still need to wait for hell to freeze over before Duke Nukem Forever ever sees the light of day.


Sep 2, 2010

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