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Game finally released after 16-year delay, isn't Duke Nukem

The game in question is The Babylonian Twins: The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq (we'd suspect the guy in charge of naming it didn't work on it for quite so long as everyone else). Its a puzzle-platformer set in Ancient Iraq, starring Babylonian Twins on a quest for peace. It uses an interesting character-switching mechanic for solving puzzles, which sounds similar to what we'll see in the upcoming Tomb Raider spin-off Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. But the really intriguing thing about it is the way it was developed.

Started in 1994 by a bunch of students, it was originally intended for release on the Commodore Amiga. But, in a scaled down version of the same problems suffered Duke developer3D Realms, development dragged on and tech became obolete. But thanks to the greatest irony of modern gaming -ie. that tech has finally progressed to a level that makes retro-style games feasible again - the game has now finally been released. The team hooked up over the internet (they're now scattered all over the world), finished it off, and scored an iPhone release.

We haven't played it yet, but it looks pretty natty (we're particularly in love with the 'cover' art, which could have been ripped off any third-party SNES game box you care to mention in the early '90s), so we'll check it it out and give you a fuller report soon. In the meantime, check out the game's iTunes pagehere.

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