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Thor and roommate Darryl reunite in Team Thor: Part 2 (warning: there's a lot of 'muscles')

Forget Avengers: Infinity War, the real greatest team-up debate begins and ends with Thor and his Australian roommate Darryl. Hot off the heels of last year’s Team Thor – found on the Captain America: Civil War Blu-Ray – the two unlikeliest of buddies are back and, this time, Thor’s on his bike and showering Darryl with Asgardian riches.  One thing’s for sure, this is worlds away (literally) from Thor: Ragnarok.

In a clip taken from the newly-released Digital HD version of Doctor Strange, Darryl really wants Thor to get a job so he can pay rent – but Thor only offers up a weird pumpkin, Asgardian coins (worth “a gazillion human dollars” according to the God of Thunder) and a trip to Thor’s gun show because, in his words, “knowledge is not power.”

The short clip (you’ll be able to catch the full mini-mockumentary if you buy Doctor Strange) ends with a one-sided argument about, uhh, getting a servant. What Thor wants, Thor gets as he rides off - and so ends another day in the life of Australia’s biggest star (and Chris Hemsworth).

If you want to see where the epic saga all began, check out part one of Team Thor.

Doctor Strange is available now on Digital HD.

Image: Marvel Studios

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