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This portable Nintendo Switch dock is smaller and cheaper than the official one

You can take Nintendo Switch with you anywhere you go - that's the whole point, right? But there's one little hangup: if you want to take the console to a friend's place and play on the TV, you've also got to bring along the somewhat cumbersome dock. Third-party accessory manufacturer Nyko is looking to change that with the announcement of a more portable solution at E3 2017.

See that teensy little bit of plastic on the bottom of the Switch there? That's Nyko's "Portable Docking Kit" for Nintendo Switch. It costs $45 (so half the price of the official Nintendo dock) and allows you to simultaneously charge the system and move the display to a connected television.

The only things it's missing are the two USB ports included in Nintendo's version that let you charge the Pro controller. Still, a wall charger and a cable seem a lot easier to stuff into a bag than the relatively bulky default dock. I'm all for a cheaper, smaller solution that makes the Switch even more portable.

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Sam Prell
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