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This cheap PS4 bundle gets you three amazing games and is the best price we have seen during lockdown

This cheap PS4 bundle gets you three amazing games and is the best price we have seen during lockdown
(Image credit: Sony)

This cheap PS4 bundle is the ideal PS4 deal for anyone who needs a second console (maybe someone who has an Xbox as their go-to) or for anyone just getting into the world of PlayStation. In fact, this is the perfect starter kit for anyone wanting to make a big splash into the world of PS4 - and a great warm-up act for the next generation that will begin later this year with the PS5.

That's because this PS4 bundle consists of a 500GB PS4 Slim, Horizon Zero Dawn (alongside its fantastic Frozen Wilds expansion), Uncharted 4, and The Last of Us Remastered. These games are three of the best PS4 exclusives of all time. Combine that with the fact that it's going for just £254.99 now at Amazon UK, and this is incredibly good value for a modern, extremely competent, and versatile console. 

This is the best price for a PS4 bundle of any quality in recent months, and certainly one with three genuinely great games. In fact, the next best deals are roughly the same price and come with no games. That makes this one of the best PS4 bundle deals on the market right now.

PS4 Slim (500GB) + Horizon Zero Dawn + Uncharted 4 + The Last of Us Remastered | £254.99 on Amazon
I really am jealous if this is someone's first foray into the world of PS4. The experiences that these games and this console have provided are some of the best memories from media in recent years. At this price, it's very good value too, and the lowest we've seen in the fluctuating-stock time that has been lockdown.View Deal

While the PlayStation Hits range of games is very affordable on their own nowadays, this bundle is still worthy of a much higher price tag: a bundle with two recently released games and the same 500GB console often goes for around 260 or 270 pounds at least.  And, yes, the key words there are 'recently released', but these games are so good and offer decent play durations that the bang to buck ratio here is still out of this world. I can't recommend this enough.

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