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This cheap mobile phone deal comes with a FREE Nintendo Switch - the console is sold out everywhere else too

Nintendo Switch deal
(Image credit: Nintendo)

With everyone stuck at home right now, they all seem to have had the same idea to invest in a Nintendo Switch to while away the hours in self-isolation. As a result, both the original console and the handheld Nintendo Switch Lite have been selling out everywhere, forcing Nintendo to suspend shipments in Japan. So we're really surprised to see one going for free with really cheap contracts on the rather lovely Huawei P Smart mobile phone.

Given the scarcity of the console and hiked up prices, this Virgin Mobile deal couldn't have come at a better time. So if you're in the market for a smartphone, you can get a new Huawei P Smart with a gorgeous 6.2-inch screen and a brand new Nintendo Switch for as little as £19 per month. Our pick is the £23 per month plan though for the extra data, and you can check out the details below:

Huawei P Smart + Nintendo Switch | Unlimited minutes and texts | 8GB data | £23 per month | FREE upfront

Huawei P Smart + Nintendo Switch | Unlimited minutes and texts | 8GB data | £23 per month | FREE upfront
This 36-month contract locks you in for quite a long time (you can adjust to 24 months for a higher price), but if you're not obsessed with getting the latest handset every year, are looking to keep your monthly mobile costs low, and really want a Nintendo Switch, this deal is just the ticket. We've included a comparison chart below with a wide range of other mobile contracts too.

Virgin has also slashed the price of its heavy data deals. For just £25 per month, you can get yourself 25GB data, and for £28 per month, you can get a whopping 50GB! You do also have the option of dropping the monthly bill to just £19, but then you only get 1GB of data a month to play with, which isn't great value compared to the other tariffs on offer.

You can check out the differences between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, but if you enjoy having the option to transition from a handheld console to gaming on your TV, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect hybrid and the one we'd go for over the Lite model. That being said, the Lite is still available in some stores as shown below, whereas you can't find any regular Nintendo Switch deals anywhere right now, except for the above deal that is! 

If you're looking to give your home internet a boost, it's a good time to compare the latest broadband deals too, especially if you've recently picked up a new Disney Plus bundle.

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