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The Witcher Netflix series showrunner on "flattering" Game of Thrones comparisons: "I owe that show a huge debt of gratitude"

The Witcher Netflix
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Magic. Dragons. Men being killed while relieving themselves. The Witcher Netflix series and Game of Thrones, at face value, have quite a lot in common. But, for some, it’s seen as uninspiring to match the two fantasy shows off against each other. Speaking to GamesRadar+, The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich reveals how she welcomes the comparison – and how her Netflix series sets itself apart.

“The comparison is ultimately incredibly flattering,” Hissrich said, “Because at the end of the day, for a new television show to be premiering into a world, and for people to be saying, ‘I think it could be as successful or as popular as that show’ – that’s incredible.”

Hissrich also points to Game of Thrones’ enduring popularity in mainstream culture allowing the likes of The Witcher to come to life on Netflix, explaining: “I feel like as a writer, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Game of Thrones, because it really blew open the doors for fantasy on television. And it took it away from being a genre that has mostly been dominated by men and sort of been seen as this niche audience of geeks and nerds, and it sort of allowed a whole worldwide audience to say, ‘Fantasy is for us as well.’”

But The Witcher and Game of Thrones are not two of sides of the same Witcher-tossed coin. Hissrich continues: “All of that being said, I think The Witcher stands on its own two feet very, very well. And it’s a very different story. I think the tone is incredibly different than Game of Thrones. And when viewers come in, I think they’ll see that right away.”

Whether you like one or the other (or both), there's plenty of room for Game of Thrones to have its own space on the Mount Rushmore of fantasy epics, while The Witcher is busy carving out a place of its own.

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