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The Walking Dead season 10 finale release date confirmed for October – 6 "extra" episodes coming in 2021

Walking Dead Comic-Con 2020
(Image credit: AMC)

The Walking Dead season 10 finale will air on October 4. The much-anticipated news about the delayed episode 16 was revealed during the show's Comic-Con 2020 panel which included appearances from Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and showrunner Angela Kang... but, wait, there's more! We're actually getting new season 10 episodes next year.

Season 10 will extend beyond what is, confusingly, still called the "finale" on October 4. Six episodes will arrive in "early 2021."

Alongside that, we even got new footage in a The Walking Dead season 10 finale trailer. Things aren't much better for the group of survivors than when we left off: they're surrounded on all sides by Beta and his group of Whisperers. Gabriel, Daryl, and even a returning Maggie all get the spotlight, but things are looking bleak for many of Alexandria, The Kingdom and Hilltop's finest.

Why? The final shot of the sneak peek shows what could quite possibly be the largest amount of walkers (and Whisperers) ever assembled in one shot. I'd have to double count, but there looks to be around 16,032 zombies, give or take one or two of the shambling undead. Watch it below.

It's been a long, long road to get here. That comes after the final episode of season 10 was pulled in late March with concerns over the ability to effectively complete post-production being given as the reason for the delay.

In regards to season 11, Angela Kang said: "We're writing some stuff now and we'll see where it all lands." 

October is set to be a huge month for The Walking Dead-verse. Not only are we getting a standalone episode to kick off the month, but Fear The Walking Dead season 6 will premiere a week later on October 11.

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