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The Smurfs trailer debuts


Smurfs up! The first official trailer for the Smurfs’ big screen outing has hit the web. And it’s Smurfilicious.

To be fair, it’s not quite as bad as we all presumed it would be, but also nowhere near as good as it could have been had the film, say, been awarded a hard R rating.

The plot follows the evil wizard Gargamel, who chases the Smurfs out of their village and straight into New York City.

There, the little blue men (and one little blue woman) attempt to survive this whole new world – as well as Gargamel, who is still on the hunt.

Check out the trailer below...

Could The Smurfs be saved by unexpectedly rambunctious humour? Will Smurfette be entirely based on Marilyn Monroe? And can they possibly make a film where every other word is ‘Smurf’?

We’ll find out when The Smurfs smurfs into the smurfing cinemas 10 August.