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New The Boys season 2 trailer highlights Homelander's new rival and NSFW laser action

The final trailer for The Boys season 2 is here and, hoo boy, is there a lot to unpack. The three-minute teaser not only fleshes out new Supe and member of The Seven, Stormfront, but also previews some of the bloody and brutal set-pieces we can expect from Amazon Prime Video’s superhero series come September.

It’s Homelander and Billy Butcher, though, that take centre stage in the new The Boys season 2 trailer during its first half. Understandably so, given the season 1 ending that saw Butcher’s world turned upside down and his missing wife return with a son in tow.

From there, the trailer spirals out into the sort of chaos we’ve come to love from The Boys: a whole lot of blood – probably more than the first season combined in this trailer alone – and some gross-out moments, not least of all Stormfront (played by Aya Cash) demanding Homelander laser her chest – and him complying. Who had “laser tits” on their Boys bingo card?

Judging by this trailer, Stormfront isn’t going to be a bit-part member of the Seven, either. Translucent’s replacement is seen giving political-style rallying cries to the braying masses as well as serving up some lightning to The Female in one quite literally shocking scene.

Most of all, though, it’s exactly what we want from a second helping of The Boys: more shootouts, more action, and a lot more swearing. The Boys return for season 2 for its first three episodes on September 4 with new episodes airing weekly. In the meantime, check out the best shows on Amazon Prime.

Bradley Russell

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