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TalkRadar Clip 'o the Week: E3 2011 Press Conference LEAKED!

Seriously, we know you’re busy people! We also know a lot of you reading GamesRadar haven’t ever listened toour filthy, stupid podcast: TalkRadar. We understand your trepidation. They're too long, podcasts are boring, etc… Well, here’s a bite-sized clip we humbly ask that you try super-quick like! It may not be what you were expecting

And you thought 2010 was all about the motion controller? This press conference leaked from next year’s E3 is unveiling a magical doohickey of a peripheral that’ll completely change the way you game… AGAIN! Buttons, triggers, sensors and cameras… All that shit’s out the window, Captain N! According to this GALACTIC EXCLSUIVE, three corporate monoliths are teaming up to deliver the most immersive, interactive experience since hopscotch!

[Sketch fromTalkRadar 107]

Jul 8, 2010

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