TalkRadar Clip o’ the week: Skatin’ yo!

Seriously, we know you’re busy people! We also know a lot of you reading GamesRadar haven’t ever listened toour filthy, stupid podcast: TalkRadar. We understand your trepidation. They're too long, podcasts are boring, etc… Well, here’s a bite-sized clip we humbly ask that you try super-quick like! It may not be what you were expecting

This week we’re mocking the ‘tude on display in the recentSkate 3 co-op trailer. Nothing against the actual game, but the barely-enthused youthful shills “dope-speakin’” over the trailer with Xbox Live headsets, as if it were the coolest thing a break-dancing sophomore could do on a Friday night, struck us as ridiculously goofy. And we thought that, maybe, talkin’ urban could work for marketing other online games:

Oh well, we thought it was funny. Feel free to decide for yourself by listening to the rest ofTalkRadar 99, featuring Destructoid's Jim Sterling and the man behind BulletBall! Oh, and stay tuned for the landmark TalkRadar 100. Brutha… it’s gonna be epic sick, yo!