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Steam Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sale dates leaked (and don't miss this $1 Steam Link deal)

Mark your calendars and prepare your wallets - the dates for the next three Steam sales have been revealed. Speaking to several developer sources, Kotaku UK has reportedly confirmed the days you'll be able to save big on tons of games. We've listed them below:

Steam Halloween sale: October 26, 2017 to November 1, 2017

Steam Autumn sale (aka the Black Friday sale): November 22, 2017 to November 28, 2017

Steam Winter sale: December 21, 2017 to January 4, 2018

The sales are scheduled to start at 10am Pacific / 6pm in the UK and end at the same time on their day of closing.

If you want to get a head start though, there's a fantastic deal available to Steam users right now. The Steam Link (Valve's way of bringing your workstation PC into the living room and part of its Steam Machines initiative) is currently available for one dollar*. One dollar*!

*When bundled with a $7.69 game called ICEY.

ICEY is a 2D action game where you play as the titular android as you hack and slash through enemies and fight large bosses. It also breaks the fourth wall frequently, with the programmer / narrator often talking directly to players. There's even a Lovecraftian horror subplot thing going on. It's also available on PS4 and soon on Nintendo Switch.

The game has a Very Positive review rating from players, but even if it doesn't sound like your bag, $8.69 is still a way better price than the $49.99 the Steam Link normally retails for. So let the game just sit unplayed (hey, we've all done it) or give it to someone who'd like it. Either way, if you have any interest in bringing your PC experience into the living room, definitely check the deal out:

Steam: Steam Link and ICEY bundle for $8.69

See you in a week for the Halloween sale!

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