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SSX Achievements and Trophies Guide

Ice To See You

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Ice Deadly Descent without equipping ice axes (in World Tour)

When you reach Siberia, you will be advised to equip ice axes. Just ignore that wise advice and run the race down Mount Belukha East. Just watch your turns and leave yourself enough time on the more sharp of them and you’ll nail this easier than most of the other survival runs.

It's Cold Out Here

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Cold Deadly Descent without equipping a solar panel (in World Tour)

This can be one of the more difficult survival runs to complete without protection. When you are at the equip screen, purchase or equip a previously purchased Wingsuit and then hit Mount Slaughter in Antarctica. For this race you’ll need to stay out of the shadows as much as possible. When you do enter some, use boost to get through as quickly as possible. The video above will show the best route to take through the bitter cold,

Leave No One Behind

10 Points/Bronze Trophy
Earn a Bronze in a Survive Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)

Find the Survival event that is easiest for you and then run it 10 times with a different member of SSX each time. Nab a bronze for each run and this will pop when the final member get theirs.

Pass The Baton

10 Points/Bronze Trophy
Earn a Bronze in a Race Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)

Much like the “Leave No One Behind” Achievement/Trophy, you’ll need to score a bronze medal with each character of the SSX crew. Find a short and easy race (I suggest the Old School run on Silverthrone in the Alaska range) and when you have received a bronze medal with each character, this will be yours.

Pass the Board Wax

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Make your first Board Purchase

From the preparation screen, go down to the board selections and choose a board that tickles your fancy. If you just want to get the achievement/trophy quickly, buy the cheapest board available, but since you will most likely be buying multiple boards over time, this will come automatically.


10 Points/Bronze Trophy
Participate in a Global Event in every Peak

There are 28 peaks through the entire globe that you need to participate in. Go to the Global Events section on the menu and work your way through each one. Thankfully you don’t need to win each, just finish the run in each one.

Playing Favorites

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Reach level 10 with any character

Pick a character and stick with them, running races in Explore mode. It is the quickest and easiest way to rack up experience. Level 10 is the highest you can get with any one character.

Rocky Road

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Rock Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)

This can be a painful run without armor. Take your time going down the hill and when you start to take damage, stop and let your health regenerate and then get going again. Slow and steady will get you this achievement/trophy.

Survival Guide

Silver Trophy (PS3 Only)
Collect all Survive badges

To nab this trophy, you will have to collect each of the 12 badges in this group. There are 4 different types with Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings for each.

Tag Team

10 Points/Bronze Trophy
Earn a Bronze in a Trick Event with every member of Team SSX (in Explore)

Find a trick run that you are comfortable with and then run it with each of the 10 characters that are available. Vorassay in the Alps has a run called Broken Pass which is a quick and easy run and won’t take much time to complete with each character.