SSX Achievements and Trophies Guide

SSX is all about speed and style and the frenetic pace can take some getting used to. While many of the achievements and trophies are straight forward in their acquiring, there are more than a few that will require some finesse and monkeying around to make nabbing them a bit easier. Below we have descriptions for the more self-explanatory ones and have put together some videos to show how you can get the more troublesome of the bunch - although the gameplay isn’t exactly the greatest snowboarding feats that SSX players have ever pulled off.

Also keep in mind that there is a big difference between the Xbox 360 Achievements and the PS3 Trophies. The badge Achievements are split into Bronze, Silver, and Gold groups for the separate types of events, while the Trophies are just all grouped into one bunch for each type of event. With that said, strap in and lets go hit the slopes!

Around The World

10 Points/Bronze Trophy
Ride with all three Pilots with each member of Team SSX

This can be a little tedious if you usually only use one character for your runs. You can head to these three runs, which are short and quick and will nab you the achievement/trophy in little time. For the Russian male pilot go to The Alps and hit the Vorassay Peak and Broken Pass run to choose the run. For Miss DragonFly, you can go to Alaska and choose the Silverthrone peak and the Old School run. For the final pilot, the Australian Male, you can go to Patagonia and hit the Cerro Pollone peak and choose the Weirdsville run. There are many other peaks you can choose, but these are just the shortest and quickest that were come across to get the achievement/trophy done.

Buried Alive

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Avalanche Deadly Descent without equipping armor (in World Tour)

This is one of the easier Survival descents to make it down without checking out. When you equip your rider, pick a board with some good speed and leave the armor at home. When you are descending, listen for the calls on which way to go for the safest route and never stop moving. Don’t worry about pulling of fancy tricks, just keep moving and stay ahead of the avalanche.

Caution Low Visibility

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Whiteout Deadly Descent without equipping pulse goggles (in World Tour)

During this race, you will be facing off against Griff, but you won’t have to actually beat him, just make it to the bottom alive. Without the pulse goggles, this race really isn’t all that difficult. If you can stay close to Griff, just follow his trail to avoid the pitfalls.

Do You See What I See

25 Points/Silver Trophy
Survive Darkness Deadly Descent without equipping a headlamp or pulse goggles (in World Tour)

This can be a bit tricky to get with the darkness and the pits all over. To make things easier, you can equip a suit with additional rewinds for when or if you hit any tricky spots. You can also keep the left trigger pressed to rail along any edges instead of diving right off them. To brighten the cavern along the way, you can work your way up to a Tricky which will cast a glow all around you and brighten your surroundings to make things easier to see.

Gear Pack

Silver Trophy (PS3 Only)
Collect all Gear Badges

To nab this trophy, you will have to collect each of the 24 badges in this group. There are 8 different types with Bronze, Silver, and Gold ratings for each.

Gear Up!

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Make your first Gear Purchase

A simple achievement/trophy that will pop when you purchase your first piece of gear that will be needed for certain drops.


5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Grind your first rail (not achievable in Tutorial)

This is another simple achievement/trophy that you can get almost immediately. During almost every run, there are rails that you can grind on to build up trick points easily. Simply hop on one by riding near it and this is yours.

Heart of Gold

10 Points/Silver Trophy
Earn your 1st Gold in a Survive Event (in Explore)

There are plenty of survival runs in the Explore mode, most of which will require you to pay credits to unlock them. Simply perform well enough on any one to grab a gold and you will get this for your troubles.

I Ain't Afraid of Snow Ghost

10 Points/Silver Trophy
Beat a Friend's Rival Ghost in every Range (in Explore)

To nab this achievement/trophy, you’ll need to beat a rival’s time on each of the Mountain ranges; The Alps, Himalayans, Siberia, Patagonia, New Zealand, Antarctica, The Rockies, and Africa. You don’t need to beat a time on every peak within the ranges, so find the easiest time/score to beat and when each of the 8 are beaten, this will be all yours.

I Am A Ghost

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Upload your first personal ghost

When you complete your first race in the Explore mode, your ghost will automatically be uploaded and you will receive this achievement/trophy.

I Need A Boost

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Make your first Mod Purchase

Mods are available in the Explore mode and give you an extra leg up on the competition in certain areas. Simply buy one through the preparation screen before an explore race to get this.

I'm Alive!

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Rewind out of Death for the First Time (not achievable in Tutorial)

During a race, take a jump off an edge into a pit and then press LB/L1 to rewind yourself back out. Once you do, this will pop for you.

I'm Flying!

5 Points/Bronze Trophy
Deploy your wingsuit for the first time (not achievable in Tutorial)

When you arrive at Patagonia during the world tour, it will be your first chance to use the wingsuit. Buy it from the gear section and then unfurl it during the race by pressing RB/R1 and this will be yours for the effort.

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