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Sony patents snap-together DualShock/Move hybrid controller

Sony Computer Entertainment America's newly published patent for a separable controller mocks up a chimera of human interface design. The May 2011 patent, sniffed out by TheSixthAxis, shows a DualShock-y looking device which can be split down the middle, with PlayStation Moveian light-up orbs adorning either half.

The device would need a PlayStation Eye-style camera to do its full motion-tracking thing, much like Move, but schematics indicate the controller(s) also would include accelerometers, magnetometers, gyros, vibration motors, and even speakers.

The wyvern can also tell whether it's split up, letting software prompt users to go from one configuration to the other. Several coupling methods are laid out in the diagrams, including slides, twist-ons, and even an odd jointed bracket thing, as well as a few possible overall form factors.

The SCEA patent doesn't give any more info about when, how, or if this device will actually appear. While we've seen our share of crazy patents for gaming peripherals, this one does look kind of neat.

Would you pick this controller up if you saw it on store shelves?

Connor Sheridan

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