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So, during our Cartoon Theme Song “Quiz” at the end of TalkRadar 108, The Smurfs were brought up as an old property that could make for a good game, a la Transformer: War for Cybertron. It was immediately dismissed with moans and groans. Sure, we grew up rapt with the Smurf phenomenon, but it’s certainly not one of those franchises that holds any sway with our nostalgia, in fact, it’s actually kinda embarrassing. But then, Mikel Reparaz proclaimed that The Smurfs arguably originated the modern Zombie. "Pshaw!" you say?! This is why one never doubts Wikiparaz:

Above: The Zombie Apocalypse, brought to you by Peyo and a bug bite

Turns out to be true. Disregarding the living dead's roots in ancient folklore, “The Black Smurfs” horrifyingly depicted the struggle for survival against the “Walking Infected” five whole years before George Romero normally gets credited for the creation of the zombie trope.

Above: The comic was deemed too controversial to translate into English, but the Hanna-Barbera cartoon skirted any racial insensitivity by turning the Zombie Smurfs purple

Using that factoid as their only provocation, our wonderfully twisted listeners took it upon themselves to realize The Smurfs’ forgotten gory glory using mature games more than capable of handling the subject matter!

Artist: Batman5273

Artist: graboids

Artist: Mechamorbo

Artist: Batman5273

Artist: graboids

Artist: enlargedhousecats

Artist: graboids

Artist: mechamorbo

Artist: Batman5273

Artist: ventanger

Artist: graboids

Jul 10, 2010

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