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Rumour: The Amazing Spider-Man 3 delayed until 2017?

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 may not swing into cinemas until 2017, with AICN reporting that Sony is keen to delay the film's release by a year.

The studio had previously announced 2016 and 2018 release dates for the third and fourth instalments of the franchise respectively, but is thought to be planning a rejig in order to maximise box-office impact.

Despite a strong opening weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw audiences drop off drastically, a situation that could possibly be attributed to franchise fatigue.

With the first film in the rebooted franchise appearing in 2012, Sony had planned for a new Spider-Man film every two years, not to mention spin-off projects such as Venom and Sinister Six .

This may now be reconsidered, as the studio rethinks how to get the best out of one of its key properties, although at this stage, nothing has been officially announced.

George Wales
George is GR's resident movie news person, based out of London. He understands that all men must die, but he'd rather not think about it.