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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 2: The Clock Tower (cont.)

Insert the red gem into the hole at the bottom.

Recreate this pattern and hit the button at the top.

Do the same for this one.

Now rotate the pieces in front of the lights using the four buttons to cast a crow's shadow on the wall. You'll be rewarded with a key,

Return to the main room and use the key to open the grey box. Flip the switch inside.

Follow the crow upstairs where he'll fly into the bell above.

Go back to the room with the painting and use your eyepiece to guide a second purple blob to freedom. You'll receive clock hands for doing so.

Attach the clock hands to the clock face on the gold box, then use the winding key on the hole to the left.

This will set the third bell ringing and grant you access to another pyramid, wrapping up the chapter.

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