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The Room 3 walkthrough

Chapter 4: The Observatory

Whip out your eyepiece to look inside and investigate the podium to the right.

Turn the dial on the outside to open up the globe and pick up the stone carving.

Head back to the telescope and enter the symbols from the stand by the sundial.

Do this for the both the star and moon dials.

Place the lens cover onto the telescope and turn the dial on the left to the symbol shown. Spin the squares around until they fit over the pyramids.

You'll automatically be taken to a new room. pop the stone carving onto the podium in here, turn the outer handles to the position above, and push the button.

The next task is to match the coloured nodes with their counterparts on the floor in this room.

For the first step, rearrange the nodes like so.

Now for step two.

Jiggle everything around like this, then pop the yellow node into its proper place in the centre.

Head over to the large blue globe.

Spin the globe around using the segmented red light to guide you to the symbols.

There are a total of three symbols to find.

Once you've found them all, turn your attention to the screen to the left.

Etch each shape onto the grid without breaking contact with the surface of your device.

Once you've entered all three and lit up the red lights, the circular screen will come to life.

The POV is from inside this maze. You need to reach the pressure plates (marked by circles on the map), then navigate the central room, entering via the door with the matching symbol.

So after stepping on this plate, for example, use the map to make your way to the central room via the door on the right. Just use the map and you can't go wrong.

Once you've successfully completed this task, take the orb from the shattered screen.

Go back outside and slot the orb onto the vacant spot at the outer edge of the solar system model. Press the button on top and use your eyepiece to look inside.

There are two small arms on the cylinder inside. You can lock the segments into place using the handles. Arrange the cylinder so that there are two vertical grooves beneath the large handle so that you can pull it down.

Back outside, push the button on the orb and pick up the pyramid to end the chapter.

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