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Retailers confirm Silent Hill Origins PS2 rumours?

Jan 16, 2008

Retailers often make mistakes, and can be the source of many a rumour, but when an unannounced game turns up on major retail sites - with proper box art and everything - we're inclined to believe what we see.

That's why we're reporting, with great certainty, that the surprisingly good Silent Hill Origins - the latest game in the series released on PSP - is being ported to PS2 and will see a release real soon.

Both Amazon and Gamefly have the PS2 version listed for a March release, seemingly confirming previous rumours spurred by a fact sheet said to have pre-maturely revealed Climax was working on the port.

Konami wouldn't comment on the as yet unannounced port. But the box art shown on both sites looks as genuine as they come, with all the trimmings.

A port it may be, but it's still another great game to keep the PS2 going in 2008.

Courtesy of CVG.