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Every Resident Evil 2 safe code: how to find and unlock every safe in the game

Resident Evil 2 safe codes are a super handy thing to have. If you know the combinations to unlock them you can grab some gun upgrades you won't find anywhere else. Fortunately, these numbers are set in stone rather than randomised, so you don't have to find them first, and Resident Evil 2 Remake lets you know and use them without finding them first. Handily we've got them all here you can can just (basically) cheat with our help and save some time. 

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Police Station West Office safe code

This is most likely the first safe you will come across in your playthrough, as it’s located in one of the starting rooms. On the west side of the police station, you’ll find an office aptly titled ‘West Office’ on the first floor. Head into the side-room in this office to find this safe cosy in the corner. Just make sure to watch out for the lethargic zombie up against the wall. 

The solution for this safe is found in the S.T.A.R.S office on the second floor of the police station. It’s scribbled onto a post-it note on an internal memo that is left on one of the desks.

Safe code: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left

Follow the combination above and the safe will reward both Leon and Claire with a Hip Pouch, an incredibly valuable boost to your inventory space.

Police Station Waiting Room safe code

As you explore the east side of the police station you might find yourself in front of the second safe in the game. This one is found in the waiting room on the second floor, your first major gateway to the east side of the building during the A scenario. Check behind the desk in the waiting room and sure enough, you’ll find another safe waiting for you. There are no real threats in this room, so just make sure the Tyrant isn’t following you before you attempt to unpick.

The solution for this safe is found in the observation room on the first floor of the building, scribbled onto another internal RPD document on a side table.

Safe code: 6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left

Follow the combination above and the safe will reward Leon with a Muzzle Brake for his pistol Matilda and Claire with a High Capacity Mag for her JMB Hp3 firearm.

Sewer Treatment Pool Room safe code

The third and final safe in the game is found much later once you’ve entered the grimy depths of the sewers. Once you’ve found yourself in the Monitor Room with the chess piece plug puzzle, exit through the only door and cross the bridge, then head right at the end to find another safe in plain view in the Treatment Pool Room.

The solution to this safe is easy peasy. Simply look on the right hand side of the unit and you’ll see the combination etched out in chalk.

Safe code: 2 Left, 12 Right, 8 Left

Follow the above combination and the safe will reward Leon with the Shotgun Stock for his W-870 and Claire with a Reinforced Frame for her SLS 60.

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