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How to get the Resident Evil 2 shotgun and grenade launcher

How to get Resident Evil 2 Remake 2 shotgun and grenade launcher

The Resident Evil 2 shotgun and grenade launcher are important weapons unlocked by Leon and Claire respectively. While the puzzle is the same for each character, both get a different weapon to take with them on their travels; a powerful option that absolutely best saved for when you need to really blow big holes in things. 

Leon's shotgun and Claire's grenade launcher are basically must gets for when you get deeper in to the game and need some real fire power to fight back with. So we're going to cover everything you need to know to get them. Remember, it's the same puzzle for both, you just get different weapons depending on the character. We can also help you with the Resident Evil 2 Safe codes and Resident Evil 2 locker codes that will help you with upgrades and ammo. And just so you know your options we've the best Resident Evil 2 guns covered overall.

A quick note before we begin: Depending which character you decide to roll with there are different weapons. Leon gets the shotgun, while Claire gets the grenade launcher. Keep this in mind when you’re selecting who to play as during the first run. Also, if you’ve played the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo previously and managed to snag the shotgun or grenade launcher, keep in mind the location of the Weapons Locker keycard isn’t the same, so if you’re expecting to find it in the Operations Room, we’re afraid there’s a little more to it now. Because of course there is!

How to get Resident Evil 2 Remake 2 shotgun and grenade launcher

After completing the opening section and grabbing the notebook from the quite unlucky cop in the east area behind the shutters on the ground floor, you’ll meet Marvin, who’ll give you a rather handy knife which grants access to the western area of the station. Use the knife to cut the tape and that’s when our journey truly begins.

Make your way through reception and along the corridors. Be sure to check every nook and cranny as you go for ammo and healing supplies. Trust us, you’ll need it. You’ll eventually find yourself in the operations room. There’s no card here, so just head to the window to make a quick exit.

Medallion locations

Resident Evil 2

(Image credit: Capcom)

You'll need to find the Resident Evil 2 medallion locations to eventually escape the police station. So we've got them all here for you.

Continue playing normally until you reach the dark room while taking note of where the Safety Deposit room is, as this is where you’ll need to return to later to grab the shotgun or grenade launcher. Next to the dark room is a set of stairs littered with zombies. Feel free to pop them in the head as you go. You can run past them, but the turns are tight and the risk of getting chomped is high. Head upstairs to the third floor. Enter the room and look for a desk with a light on and grab the spade key.

Head downstairs and follow the trail back towards the west office. At the end of the room, up a few steps, is a shortcut back to the main hall. Open this door with the spade key, then head upstairs in the main hall to the east side. Here you’ll find another door which requires the spade key. Open it, pass through the Waiting Room, and follow the corridor a little north until you find the Art Room. We’re nearly done.

Inside the Art Room, keep an eye out for the small antique end table with a green lamp on. In front of the lamp is the weapons locker keycard. With the card in tow, all that’s left now is to go back to the Main Hall, through our newly-created shortcut in the West Office, and back to the safety deposit room. 

You’ll find the shotgun or grenade launcher at the end of the room with a card reader to the right. Combine the keycard with the card reader and you’re good to go burst as many zombie heads as you please. Ammo pending, of course. 

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