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Play this Celeste and Portal crossover game right now

(Image credit: Matt Makes Games)

A fan-made crossover between Celeste and Portal developed in the same engine as the original Celeste is now available to play.

The homage game, known as Caroline, was designed by ‘Meep’, also known as @M33pinator on Twitter, and ‘Lord SNEK’, and is currently available to play for free on The game was created with the virtual game engine PICO-8; which was also used to create the first Celeste game, Celeste Classic, as well as Celeste Classic 2 - a game released by the original developers to celebrate the game’s third anniversary. 

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In Caroline, players navigate a similar mountain setting to the one found in Celeste, this time with the aid of an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, better known as the Portal Gun from Valve’s acclaimed physics-based puzzle series.

The game contains several puzzles to solve and platforming elements to overcome, which you’d think would be easier with the power of a portal gun, but Caroline can still be just as challenging as Celeste at times. The creator of the game has described it as a “Portal demake disguised as a Celeste mod” and the game has already garnered a fanbase of its own. 

This isn’t the first video game crossover or demake we’ve been impressed by; we’d also love to play this fan-made Bloodborne PS1 demake, as well as this Fall Guys and Dark Souls crossover. Not to mention this The Last of Us pixel game reimagining, which garnered the attention of director Neil Druckmann. 

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