Celeste Classic 2 is a challenging sequel to the PICO-8 original

(Image credit: Matt Makes Games Inc.)

Former Celeste developers have regrouped on the game's third anniversary to make a sequel to the Celeste Classic, the free PICO-8 game that started it all.

As you can see in the announcement below, game director Maddy Thorson reveals that Celeste Classic 2 is out now on web and PICO-8. The sequel to Celeste Classic features returning developers Thorson, Noel Berry, and Lena Raine re-teaming to build the new game in just four days.

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You can head over to mattmakesgames.itch.io to play Celeste Classic 2 in your browser right now. This new sequel actually stars a new character, replacing protagonist Madeline with Lani, who replaces the former's air-dash ability with a grappling hook, which pulls her along horizontally instead of Madeline's traditionally vertical jump abilities.

For more about Celeste, head over to game director Maddy Thorson's blog, to read a heartfelt letter on the original game' development in relation to their gender. If you've any familiarity with the original Celeste from 2018, you'll absolutely want to give the stunningly personal piece from Thorson a read.

As for what comes next from Celeste's creators, you'll want to keep an eye on Extremely Ok Games, the new company that the former Celeste developers set up in September 2019. As of December 2019, the new studio announced that they were working on several unannounced games, but we've heard nothing about potential new releases from Extremely Ok Games since then.

For a complete list of all the upcoming games launching over the next year - both big and small - head over to our new games 2021 guide for more.

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