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Official PS Plus Uncharted 4 tournament has a €1,000 cash prize

A tournament to find the best Uncharted 4 player is underway in Europe, and if that player is you, prepare to take home a €1,000 cash grand prize. Good but not that good? That's okay, second place is still a respectable €500.

Simply dubbed "The PlayStation Plus Uncharted 4 Tournament," the competition will consist of four qualifier cups, with the top eight players from each cup advancing to a final contest to be held on July 31.

You'd better get cracking if you plan to participate; registration is open now and the first round begins soon. The PlayStation Blog writes that qualifier cups will be held every Sunday, starting on July 2. Seeing as how July 2 is a Saturday though, I'm going to go with the date listed on the registration page, which is July 3.

Have fun storming the ancient ruins!

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