Nine gems of gaming merchandise

Working as a games journalist has its good points. There's the fame, the money, the endless barrage of adoring, screaming women who follow you whenever you walk down the street... oh, wait a minute, that's being a rock star. Um... ok, well at least there's still the free stuff we get sent 'most every day.

The quality varies considerably, but there are some real gems of PR merchandising that would probably be worth loads of money on eBay. Of course, by contractwe're not allowed to sell them, so they just sit here, keeping us entertained while we wait for the next info on GTA IV to arrive.

But some of this stuff deserves more attention than that - so we've taken some snaps of the best curios from around the office and stuck them here for you to drool over and wish you had. Er... no, don't thank us, really.