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New trailer for Beauty and the Beast update Beastly online

A full trailer for Beastly has made its way onto the web.

A teen update on Beauty and the Beast , it tells the story of Kyle (Alex Pettyfer), a spoilt NY high-schooler whose unfeasibly good-looking mug is cursed. The hideous beast then has to find true love without his valuable facial assets.

When the flick was first announced, it seemed like the producers might have been trying to ride the waves of Twilight 's success. Some of the key elements are certainly familiar.

There's the cursed male romantic lead (played by a hunky Brit), the teen-stars-grown-up-cast (Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen), the youngening of classic mythology.

But Beastly does look to be a slightly different, well, beast. The make-up work is certainly impressive, and Neil Patrick Harris is a welcome addition (as always).

Check out the trailer below:

Beastly currently has 15 April 2011 pencilled in as a UK release date.

Source: Trailer Addict and WorstPreviews

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