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New Kena: Bridge of Spirits gameplay footage shows the Rot wearing so many adorable hats

Fresh Kena: Bridge of Spirits gameplay footage has debuted at the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, and prepare yourself because it features the Rot wearing tiny hats. 

The upcoming PS5 exclusive - which is also coming to PS4 - got a little time in the spotlight to round out the latest Future Games Show livestream. 

This trailer features some never-before-seen footage of the game provided exclusively for the show by developer Ember Lab, merged with that we saw at the February PlayStation State of Play event that also revealed the game's August 24 release date.

We got to see a little more of the game's monsters in combat, along with some platforming and exploration sections, revealing some further looks at the game's beautiful, lush world. 

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

(Image credit: Ember Labs)

But, it's safe to say that the Rot really stole the show. The little soot sprites will be Kena's spirit companions on her journey to the Sacred Mountain Shrine. They're able to work with her and, as the game progresses, their abilities will be enhanced to create new ways to manipulate the environment. 

Obviously, they're also incredibly adorable, rotund little things that have sent the internet wild, and considering they managed to dial-up their cute factor by 1000 by showcasing a variety of different hats they can wear in this new trailer, we can imagine that they're going to be the heroes we need in 2021. 

In this trailer alone we spot pointed party hats, a tiny birthday cake, and even the top of what looks like a pumpkin. 

All these hats can be obtained by discovering them in the world or by acquiring them with an in-game currency at the cart in the village hub. You'll also be able to unlock special ones via challenges too and with around 100 to collect in the full game too, prepare for a tiny Rot fashion show. 

And don't even get us started on the toe beans. 

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