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Netflix’s Shuffle Play is a new feature that picks something for you to watch at random

(Image credit: Netflix)

Picture the scene: it’s a weekend. The sun is shining. You’re inside watching Netflix, obvs. But, disaster strikes: there’s nothing to watch. Or, at least, you aren’t able to choose between the hundreds of shows and movies clogging up your watchlists. Now, there’s a way to cut through the watch-weeds and get straight on to binging, with Netflix’s new Shuffle Play feature.

Shuffle Play is now being soft-tested on some devices and regions. When selected via your profile page, it randomly chooses a show or movie the Almighty Algorithm thinks you’ll like. 

According to TechCrunch, official word from Netflix suggests that could be a series you’re halfway through, a title on your list, or even something new based on past viewing habits.

Sure, it’s an inelegant solution to a 21st Century problem, but it’s also a turbo-charged way to potentially find one of your new favourite movies and shows. And isn’t that half the fun of Netflix?

Unfortunately, a large majority of you aren’t going to see the Shuffle Play option just yet. It’s currently rolling out across some Smart TV devices worldwide. No word yet on whether it’ll infiltrate computers and consoles, but it’d be nice to have the option to fire up something that isn’t The Office once in a while at the press of a button.

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