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Mutant Enemy Monsters Buffy The Vampire Slayer Never Used

To celebrate the publication of our Joss Whedon special, we have a skewed look at the famous icon from the end of his Mutant Enemy shows…

To mark the publication of our latest Worlds Of Whedon SFX special edition, here’s a little bit of fun for you…

Every episode of Buffy ended with the Mutant Enemy zombie grrr-aarrgghhing his way across the screen. On some special occasions, though, he was subtly altered to suit the subject of the episode. For example, in “Graduation Day Part 2” he wore a mortar board, and in “Once More, With Feeling” he sung for us. At SFX , we were gagging for more zombie fun, so we’ve made up a few variations of our own…

“Hell’s Bells”

Xander and Anya’s (aborted) wedding…

“Buffy Versus Dracula”

So long, bloodsucker…


Invisible Buffy…

“I Was Made To Love You”

Warren creates the Buffybot


Oz is a werewolf, shocker!

“Seeing Red”

Warren is skinned by evil Willow

“The Replacement”

Xander acquires a doppelganger


The Scoobies have bad dreams


Andrew makes a video documentary