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Marvel vs Capcom 3 – hands-on with Dr Doom, Trish, Super Skrull and Chun-Li

Barely 24 hours ago Capcom revealed four new additionsto its cross-universe brawler – Chun-Li and Trish from the Capcom side, along with Dr Doom and Super Skrull from Marvel. All are present in the Comic-Con build here today, and I rushed straight there, played a bit with each and leapt back to write up quick impressions.

Before any character specifics, let’s briefly go through the button layout. It’s not quite Street Fighter, nor is it just like MvC2 or this year’s Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Assuming you’re looking at an arcade stick, the top three buttons are light, medium and heavy attack (no punch or kick designation), then on the bottom row you have the launch button (used for air combos) followed by your two partner-tag buttons. To tag someone in briefly, tap one. To call them in permanently, tap and hold. If you’re an MvC adept, it takes some adjusting, but it’ll make sense in no time.