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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gold Brick locations guide


To reach Zamaron, you must first complete Green Loontern's quest in The Watchtower to unlock the Moon Base. From here, you can build up several Lantern gates to reach the various planets.

Gold Brick #1

When you first touch down, talk to Green Loontern, who wants you to accompany him as he finds some "lovely ladies." Follow him and take out the warriors that appear. When the tour ends, you'll receive a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #2

You'll find the Green Loontern again on Zamaron (one of the beacons in the sky leads to him), this time he's found himself in a tussle with more warriors. Take out 30 of them to save him and earn another brick.

Gold Brick #3

The next time to speak to the Green Loontern, he'll inform you that the Sapphire Warriors are being attacked by various villains. Check around the area to find them, take out their oppressors, then bring all three back to Loontern for a brick.

Gold Brick #4

For his fourth quest, the Green Loontern needs your help obtaining a large crystal. Search the area to find a sense spot, then use a sensory character to detect an arrow made of Lego studs. Follow this to a group of glass crystals you can shatter with a sonar character. Do so until you find the crystal, then return it to Loonern to finish the quest.

Gold Brick #5

For the last quest, you'll meet Krypto the Superdog, who wants to have a flying race. Use a flying character to jet through the rings before he does to win a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #6

For the remaining bricks, you'll have to scan the skies for beacons and head to the areas marked by them. Above the giant Pink Lantern is a flight challenge. Use a flying character to fly through each ring before time runs out, and you'll win a brick.

Gold Brick #7

There's another flight challenge above one of the towers. Fly through this set of rings just like the first for another brick.

Gold Brick #8

There's also a footrace to be found. Use a hazard character to trudge through the waste, bouncing on mushrooms through each gate. Hit them all before time expires to win a brick.

Gold Brick #9

One beacon will lead you to this tower with a cracked tile. Use a big character to smash it and open the chest at the top, then fly up and grab your prize.

Gold Brick #10

Another beacon leads to a sense. Use a sense character to reveal a silver chest, then use a demolition character to blow it open and reveal a brick inside.

Gold Brick #11

A statue of the Sapphire Lantern is under one of the beacons. Melt the gold jewel in her hand with a laser character to reveal a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #12

The last beacon points to a large open area; scan it to spot 9 Batman flags on the ground and atop rocks. You need to bust up all of them before time runs out. If you can do it, a Gold Brick will be yours.

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